Why Translation Should Be Your Next Investment

12:06 | 10.02.2020 | Shara Javier

Investment means buying an asset that will take action or process profitable returns in the future.    Th ...

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Top 5 Documents That Need Translation and Why

11:26 | 03.02.2020 | Shara Javier

When was the last time you scanned through your file storage? Which among those did you realize need translation? Ma ...

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The Role of Desktop Publishing in the Translation Industry

22:54 | 29.12.2019 | Shara Javier

Desktop Publishing or DTP is a process of using computer software specialized to create page layout and designs.   ...

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DEMA Solutions Successful Visit to Tekom Conference 2019

22:02 | 08.12.2019 | Shara Javier

Each year, Tekom Conference with the parallel of TCWorld and Tekom Trade Fair holds the world's largest event in the fiel ...

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Join us at the TEKOM 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany

13:21 | 06.11.2019 | Shara Javier

We are proud to announce that DEMA Solutions will be participating in the world's largest event in the field of technical ...

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Top 5 Must-Translated Fields in a Multilingual Company Website

15:24 | 05.11.2019 | Shara Javier

You've probably heard or read countless times on how crucial a multilingual website is nowadays.  A multiling ...

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