Top 5 Documents That Need Translation and Why

11:26 | 03.02.2020

Shara Javier

Top 5 Documents That Need Translation and Why

When was the last time you scanned through your file storage? Which among those did you realize need translation? Maybe it was quite some time ago you gave your well-kept box a check.


Throughout this hectic life, people are often occupied by the usual daily tasks which come to a point that one might overlook some responsibilities which once seemed so important.


The more non-urgent things are put aside, the more they become being ignored or moreover, forgotten. Often, one tends only to take action when in a state of urgency. Just like the need for translating personal documents.


This blog post might help you to think over why your official papers may need a translation.


1. Birth Certificate


A birth certificate is the first document that sets as proof of one's identity the moment a person is born. It's required for multiple purposes like in academics, applying for a passport, obtaining visas, acquiring government I.D.s, registering a marriage, and other legal reasons.


Even in some cases wherein, one will have to move abroad for whichever reason, a birth certificate written in your language may sometimes not match another country's requirement so they might ask to translate it to their native language. Therefore, you will need a professional certified translation service.


2. Marriage Certificate


This depends on the country you'll be tying the knot. Some countries provide a marriage certificate valid for international purposes.


Here's one example:


A married couple works on a cruise ship together that doesn't have the same nationality. They got married and the marriage certificate they obtained was written in the husband's language by default.

Then, that moment came when they’ve been required by the ship's office to submit a marriage contract in English. Immediately, the couple had the paper translated.                                                                             


The ship only grants a same-ship assignment only to married partners. As a result of having submitted certified translated documents by a translation company, the couple stayed working together without any trouble.


3. Diploma and Transcript of Records


Diploma and Transcript of Records are documents proving educational attainment.

Basic purposes can be for immigration, employment or other academic plans like pursuing higher studies. If you're completing studies abroad, you might need to translate them.


4. Curriculum Vitae/ CV and Cover Letter


A CV and a Cover Letter are the topmost credentials for job searching. Both are self-introduction tools to recruiters thus require to be delicately composed.


Since recruiters are now spending lesser time viewing loads of applications, then every applicant must consider the first millisecond as a great chance to grab his attention.


In the international market, there is a high competition among job seekers. With a well-gained experience plus a visually appealing CV, you'll give a good impression.


Yet these are not the only features looked for by any hiring personnel. The language also counts to make him proceed reading the credentials.


So take a moment to ask yourself before sending out your files.

"Did I write it in the native language of the country I am applying to?"


Writing a resume made for an international company can be tricky but with the help of a professional translation service, it can be smooth and easy for you.


5. Title Deeds


Title Deeds are legal documents that stand as evidence of the rights of ownership to one's property.


If the purpose is for immigration, then authorities may ask for the officially translated documents as proof of deep-rootedness to your home country. This is a piece of strong evidence stating your connection to your home country therefore it's a good idea to have them translated.


Do you have a document that is not included in the list? Or do you have any document that you are unsure of if they're possible for translation? We are just one message away. Tell us about it and we'd love to answer your questions.