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Marketing & Communication Translation Services

Marketing and communication involve using a variety of channels and tools to reach a target audience. The goal may be to create brand awareness, generate leads, advertise sales and discounts, or promote a new product or service.

To succeed, you must use marketing and communication to connect with your target audience in a language they understand.

You’ve surely heard the phrase “content is king”. However, if content is not translated or localised, then the saying becomes questionable.

We make it easy for you to communicate with your potential customers by providing your business with top-quality marketing and communication translations.

Marketing and Communication Translation Services

Why choose DEMA Solutions?

Attract, engage, and get more leads from a global audience

We aim to deliver final translations that will accomplish the set goal –whether that is to attract, engage, inform, etc.

Our marketing and communication translators know how to generate result-oriented marketing content in your chosen target language.

Marketing translations done by native translators

Choosing native translators specialised in marketing and communication is the first step in our marketing translation process.

Native translators are familiar not only with the linguistic and technical side of their language specialisations, but with the culture and nuances as well.

Experience excellent customer support from our team of language professionals

Our language professionals from different departments work closely together to ensure outstanding translation output.

With 400+ satisfied clients working with us from various countries around the world, our technical translation services guarantee high-quality translations, helping your business go global successfully.

We’re happy assist you with the entire translation process from start to finish.

Let's get your marketing and communication
translations done the right way.

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Examples of Marketing & Communication
Materials We Translate

Blog Content

Social Media Copy

Case Studies


Promotional Material (brochure, flyer, catalogue)


Website Copy

Is language an area to consider in marketing your business internationally?

To answer this question, CSA Research’s “Guide to Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” published five figures carried out from thousands of consumers in 29 countries for businesses to understand the importance of engaging a global audience with a full language experience.

65 % prefer content in their language
67% tolerate mixed languages on a website
73% want product reviews in their language
66% use online machine translation
40% will not buy in other languages

We guarantee
three factors when
we translate content


enables target audience to understand the concept clearly.


conveys the message to the target audience while aiming to reach its purpose: to educate, persuade, entertain, etc.


gives your business an identity through a consistent tone, which helps your target audience remember your brand more easily

What some of our clients say?

"DEMA Solutions is a dynamic service provider that responds to our needs and thus puts its customers first. The cooperation with the staff is a pleasure and leads to success."
Client Testimonial for DEMA Solutions SRL- TANNER AG
Tomislav Matievic

What's more?

Over 300+ language pairs

ISO-17100:2017 certified

400+ clients all over the globe

Let's get your marketing & communication
translations done the right way.


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