DTP (Desktop Publishing) is the process of using special graphics software to adapt visual elements from one language to other target languages.


Oftentimes, the source files come in the form of visual or graphic layouts like Brochures, Catalogs, Leaflets or Magazines.  This is why we normally ask on top of your translation request if you need DTP services. 

Our Desktop Publishing team is made up of a DTP Manager and DTP Specialists who will render and complete your graphic materials. Each is qualified and trained in assuring page layouts possibly be as same as the original but, above all, adapts it to the translation.

The following is a list of a DTP expert’s common duties:WHAT IS DTP DESKTOP PUBLISHING

  • Transform and adapt graphic layouts from one source language to another target language. 

  • Reconstruct non-editable text files (such as scanned papers, manuscripts, typewritten, and handwritten documents) so translators can process and translate them using CAT Tools (Computer-Assisted Translation tools).

  • Extract texts from non-editable files for the client's purposes.

  • Recreate layout design from scratch (in cases wherein source files such as printed sales & marketing collateral are scanned pages).

  • Reformat/convert files to match the client's requirements.


The following are the obstacles that call for Desktop Publishing:

  • Image File Formats - If .pdf files (from scanned documents) are your source files, then you'll need a DTP service. DTP professionals are experts in handling files in different formats. 

  • Direction of Text - Languages that are written from right to left such as Arabic, Aramaic, Dhivehi/Maldivian, Hebrew, Kurdish (Sorani), Persian/Farsi, and Urdu. Also, there are languages from top to bottom direction like Japanese.

  • Narrowed or Extended Words - Translating to languages such as Spanish and French extends overall content to 30%. Meanwhile, if translated to Chinese, the content becomes shorter simply because this language is logographic. 

  • Font Compatibility- Not all alphabets are compatible with all font designs. DTP specialists have broad experience and knowledge of the font compatibilities for every language required. 

  • Graphics Editing/Manipulation - With extensive knowledge in editing using various graphic design software, DTP specialists have the right skills in modifying text on images in the target language required.

Our DTP services support the following formats:DEMA Solutions File Formats supported by Desktop Publishing Translation Services

Our updated software and tools, human talent, and experience are ready to take any desktop publishing project completed on schedule, within budget, and with the quality you and your clients require. 


Still not sure how DTP works? We're one message away so feel free to ask us! We'll tell you every detail about it.