DTP (Page Layout)

Desktop Publishing, aka DTP, covers all the digital processes used to produce and format documents going to final print.

DEMA SOLUTIONS has a specific unit dedicated to graphics and to creating and revising any type of document. Our clients save time, as you can count on an all-round service from translation to page layout. In fact, we use specific software (including InDesign, Frame Maker, Illustrator, etc.) that allows us to process and lay out the translated document so that it is exactly like the original. Clients receive an accurate quality final document that requires no further work on the layout.

Our team guarantees this result by checking fonts, formatting, and specific aspects of the language the document was translated into (such as different punctuation rules, syllabification, etc.) and does a proper reconstruction of documents when necessary.

These more complex tasks include converting PDFs (obtained even via scanning) into editable formats, editing/entering text in images, and creating tables and other graphic elements.