DEMA Solutions is an innovative and fast-growing company conceived from the intuition of three colleagues
with a decade of experience in the translation industry. 

It’s a lean organization with streamlined processes where a dynamic sales force meets a team of talented
young project managers and language technology experts. 

A year after its creation, it stabilized into a business that today counts 23 people.


DEMA Solutions was born in Monza Brianza but is present with production and sales offices internationally:


DEMA Solutions Lorenzo Ganzerli CEO

Lorenzo Ganzerli


DEMA Solutions Davide Barbieri

Davide Barbieri

QA Manager

Aleesandro Garuzzo

Alessandro Garuzzo


DEMA Solutions - Dusica Jovanovic - Branch Director & HR Manager

Dusica Jovanovic

Branch Director & HR Manager

DEMA Solutions Milena Spelta Parenti Key Account Manager

Milena Spelta Parenti

Sales Manager
DEMA Solutions 4LSCs

DEMA Solutions Jovana Maravic Sales Manager

Jovana Maravic

Sales Manager
DEMA Solutions 4LSCs

Meet our team - Maja Ruggiero - Sales Manager Germany

Maja Ruggiero

Sales Manager

DEMA Solutions Chiara Tomassi

Chiara Tommasini

Sales Manager

Andjelka Pesic - Vendor Manager

Andjelka Pesic

Vendor Manager

DEMA Solutions Petar Tomic Project Manager

Petar Tomic

Head of Project Managers

DEMA Solutions Ratko Asanovic DTP Specialisrt

Jovan Pavlovic

Project Manager

DEMA Solutions Ana Urosevic Project Manager

Ana Urosevic

Project Manager

DEMA Solutions Milica Pekovic Project Manager

Milica Pekovic

Project Manager

DEMA Solutions Marija Jeremic Project Manager

Marija Jeremic

Project Manager

DEMA Solutions Daniele Miani DTP Manager

Daniele Miani

Desktop Publishing Manager

DEMA Solutions - Ratko Asanovic - DTP Specialist

Ratko Asanovic

Desktop Publishing Specialist

DEMA Solutions - Marijana Campar - CAT Specialist

Marijana Campar

Desktop Publishing Specialist

DEMA Solutions - Gradimir Maravic - DTP Specialist 3

Gradimir Maravic

Desktop Publishing Specialist

DEMA Solutions Igor Pirkovic CAT Specialist

Igor Pirkovic

CAT Specialist

DEMA Solutions Aleksandra Campar

Aleksandra Campar

CAT Specialist

DEMA Solutions Milica Lazovic Sales Assistant

Milica Lazovic

Sales Assistant

DEMA Solutions Shara Javier Marketing Specialist

Shara Eliza Javier

Marketing Specialist

Proud members of

ELIA and SDL Post-editing members



We strive to quickly begin working on customer requests and send a quote within a few hours. We know how important it is to meet prearranged delivery times; as such, we monitor all the resources involved in a translation project to fully satisfy customer needs, even under tight deadlines.


We are committed to immediately establishing a relationship built on trust with our customers. That’s why we send clear, detailed quotes that show the exact number of words found in the translation memory and the corresponding savings.


Every resource taking part in a translation project plays a crucial role for its completion: DEMA Solutions uses only carefully selected native language translators and Project Managers that skilfully coordinate all the professionals involved. ​

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About Us

DEMA Solutions is a fast-growing translation company offering professional translations and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services.
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