Why Choose DEMA?

Translations need not only to be affordable nor fast,
but to achieve the main objective of translating documents:

To convey a professional, clear, and effective message in another language
while respecting its culture and society.

DEMA Solutions listens to your needs to streamline the process and work together,
guaranteeing services that live up to your goals.


DEMA Solutions combines translation expertise with the most advanced technology in the industry. All translated content is archived and kept in a linguistic database called Translation Memory (TM). CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools use algorithms to compare the words and phrases in the new text being translated with what have been previously translated and saved. Whatever is the same, repeated or similar is then given to the translator, resulting in:

Quick delivery

The translator will translate partially or  completely new texts, thus, he/she becomes more productive making the final output delivered quickly.

lower costs

The customer saves right away. The cost of the translation is directly correlated to the text being translated if it’s the same or similar to archived text. The greater the similarity, the lower the cost.

better quality

The archived translations are always available to the translator. This ensures him/her to have consistent terminology usage.

A translation memory is, for all intents and purposes, a patrimony, and DEMA Solutions acknowledges it as fully being the customer’s intellectual property, ensuring it is maintained over time and exported free of charge.


The quality of a translation project is the result of a process that we begin even before the customer comes to us with a request. 

It starts by selecting resources in compliance with the international UNI EN ISO 17100:2015 quality standard and is strengthened over time, growing a team of professional trustworthy translators, monitoring their performances, and encouraging them to improve. 

Before it is delivered to the customer, each translation undergoes a series of quality assessments. First by the translator then by the assigned Project Manager who guarantees the project and service meets the customer’s expectations.


Every customer has an assigned sales representative and Project Manager, who is tasked with providing quick and efficient service from the request for offer up to the final delivery of the translation project. The following image is the workflow showing our process which we follow to meet every customer’s expectations.

DEMA Workflow of Multilingual Document Translation Services

Want to start translating but not sure where to begin?

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