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Backed by our 30 years of experience and the attention we give each individual client, we at REM Traduzioni are here to assist you with multilingual projects handled with personal care.
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Familiar faces, synonymous with quality translations in Veneto

Elisabetta Bezzon & Gloria Cesaro

Founded in 1990, REM Traduzioni has earned a solid reputation among Italian translation agencies and has taken a leap in its continuous growth by becoming part of the DEMA Solutions Group.

REM Traduzioni operates out of Padua, an important economic hub in Italy’s Veneto region with a thriving industrial sector. The region is home to several important industries, including textiles, food, and engineering, which contribute significantly to the Italian economy.

Led by Elisabetta Bezzon and Gloria Cesaro, REM Traduzioni has grown by combining their individual skills, bringing the services they offer to a level of excellence. Their in-depth knowledge of the translation industry, problem-solving skills, and effective client communication allow Elisabetta and Gloria to guarantee accurate, tailored language solutions.

Elisabetta Bezzon & Gloria Cesaro

A wide range of services tailored to every need

Patent Translations

Patents, claim sets, trade mark registrations, and opposition/reply pleadings are part of our daily routine. We have been serving many leading companies in the intellectual property sector for years with our extensive technical and legal experience.

Legal Translations

Financial advisors and law firms are some of our biggest clients. Lawyers, notaries, accountants, and consultants rely on us to accurately translate summonses, contracts, minutes, powers of attorney, balance sheets, and articles of association.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Communicate globally with the speed of machine translation. Our MT post-editing services are able to provide timely, cost-effective translations even for large volumes without compromising quality.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Distributing your content internationally deserves an impeccable graphic layout. From pre-processing source files, to localizing your image texts in multiple languages, to exporting the files back to their original format, our desktop publishing services offer solutions to satisfy any graphic requirement.

Technical Translations

We are ready to handle your multilingual technical documentation. Our translation services are ISO 17100:2015/Amd 1:2017-certified and our dedicated team of technical translators and project managers ensures that all your project needs are met.

Win new markets by speaking your target audience’s language

Expand your global presence by offering translated,
localized content in the languages your target audience speaks.

Our strengths, your advantages

An efficient,
proactive team

Count on our team's proactive approach to make sure your projects meet all requirements and are delivered within the agreed timeframe, while maintaining high quality standards.

legal translators

The certainty of knowing your legal documents will be translated only by qualified legal translators is essential. Our team includes linguists with in-depth knowledge of the legal systems and compliance requirements in the language of the target country.


Take advantage of our language solutions, which use advanced translation tools that improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. We are ready to help you streamline your translation processes.


REM Traduzioni maintains strict data confidentiality to protect your information from unauthorized access, accidental disclosure, or theft.


Time is money. And it is even more valuable when it comes to providing content in multiple languages, in multiple time zones, and with deadlines to meet.


Easily access your company's translation information, monitor the progress of your ongoing projects, download invoices and access the archive of all the translation projects you have with us.


REM Traduzioni: Bringing the Veneto industry to the world

Let’s conquer new international markets together: your success is our success!

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