Review, Revision and Proofreading Services

Make a lasting impression on your readers with perfectly translated texts and communications in any language.

Our team can help ensure that your translations read like original texts, providing a seamless, authentic reading experience.

Let us help you make your written words and formatted documents ambassadors of your quality.

Trusted translation services for your business

Text Editing Services:
Revision, Review or Proofreading

Not sure which one you need? We offer three different text editing services, which are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Use these questions to help you choose which editing service you need.


Do you need a subject-matter expert to review your translated documents to make sure they meet their intended purpose?


Do you need a translator to compare your source and target texts to make sure the translations are accurate and consistent?


Do you need a proofreader to check your translations to make sure grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct and no words have been skipped before publishing?


How our Review, Revision, and Proofreading can benefit you

100% accuracy

Your translated texts will undergo thorough editing processes that ensure grammar, terminology and consistency are accurate. 

Avoid unwanted costs

Avoid the cost of reprinting and republishing your translated material by having your translations reviewed, revised, and proofread.​

Qualified linguists

Your translations will be reviewed by subject-matter experts, revised by qualified translators, and proofread by specialized editors.

Give your Customers a
Perfect Reading Experience

Make sure your content is error-free, uses consistent terminology and reads like the original.

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