Language Solutions For Manufacturing Industry

With the rise of emerging technologies and industrial automation, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a major shift towards more efficient processes, and the same goes for translations.

Prompt, accurate, cost-effective technical translations are now more essential than ever to keep up with the fast pace of this industry.

Let us help you a top-notch translation service experience, designed to help you grow in a rapidly evolving industry.

Trusted Translation Services for Your Business

Translation Solutions That Comply With EU Machinery Directive Standards

Compliance with the EU Machinery Directive is of utmost importance to us.

With our specialization in translating technical documents for manufacturing companies like user and maintenance manuals, installation and assembly instructions, technical brochures and more, we are committed to providing translations that rigorously respect the original text and use accurate, client-specific terminology.

Achieve compliance with manufacturing industry standards with our team of highly-qualified technical translators and dedicated Project Managers, who will handle your translations, and ensure you receive accurate, compliant translated texts that meet the requirements set by the EU Machinery Directive.

No matter the volume of documents you need to translate, our team is ready to handle it, using the latest CAT and MT technology.

Our Manufacturing Industry Translation Services Handle:

User & Maintenance Manuals

Make sure your users can operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the product safely and effectively with accurate translations of instructions and information in their language.

Installation & Assembly Instructions

Accurately translated installation and assembly instructions ensure that products are installed and assembled correctly, reducing the risk of product failure or user injury.

Declarations of Conformity - CE Markings

For manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with EU regulations and sell their products in the EU market, it is crucial to have flawless translations of declarations of conformity and CE markings.

Safety Procedure Manuals

Meet the regulatory requirements for product safety in the manufacturing industry and make sure your product users are aware of potential hazards, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

Product Sheets

Translated product sheets let manufacturers effectively market their products in global markets, providing accurate information about the features and benefits in the final user's language.

Technical Brochures

Promote your products in global markets by creating multilingual promotional materials like brochures. These visually appealing materials provide detailed information about your products in the target audience's language, making it easier for them to understand and consider purchasing from you.

Meet Manufacturing Industry Requirements With Confidence

ISO 17100:2017-Certified

Every translation executed at DEMA Solutions adheres to certified core processes, validated resources, and other crucial aspects needed to provide top-notch translation services.

Qualified Technical Translators

Our skilled translators are equipped to handle the challenges of technical translations for the manufacturing industry and possess in-depth knowledge of terminology.

Technology-Powered Processes

Translation Memories, Terminology Management, Machine Translation Post-Editing and more - we use next-generation technology to process translations that result in accurate, cost-effective, timely multilingual technical documentation.

Accurate Visual Content
In Any Language

In today’s globalized era, having an appealing multilingual layout is just as crucial as having accurately translated text.

With our DTP solutions, our team of desktop publishing experts will handle your print or digital documents in any language to ensure that your visual content is effective, engaging, and compliant.

Let us take your multilingual visual content to the next level, helping you stand out in the bustling manufacturing industry.

Exploded Drawings
Packaging & Labeling
User Manual


Our Key Features, Your Benefits

Proactive Staff

Rely on our Project Managers' proactive approach to ensure that your projects meet all requirements and are delivered within the agreed time frames.

Traceable Projects

Easily access the information you need by tracking the status of your translation projects, downloading invoices, and reviewing the history of your previous translations.

On-Time Turnarounds

Time is money. We're well aware of how important quick turnarounds in manufacturing industry are and we are commited to delivering on time.

Accelerate Your Manufacturing Business With Accurate Translation Solutions

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