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Whether you need your website localized into several languages or your technical manuals to comply with EU regulations,
our translation services can help your business get your message across to your target audience in the languages they speak and read.

Trusted translation services for your business

Specialized Translations

No matter your company’s industry, DEMA Solutions provides specialized translation services that meet the needs of every department in your company.

We can help your Legal/Financial departments as well as your Production and Marketing offices to internationalize your communications.


Our specialized financial translation services are designed to cater to the needs of your finance department. regardless of the industry your company operates in.

We only hire native translators who specialize in the field of finance, so you can be sure that your financial documents are accurately translated into the languages you need.

Marketing Translation

Research shows that 65% of consumers prefer content in their own language and an estimated 40% won’t buy products and services presented in a language not their own.

Transform your global strategy by connecting to your audience with our expert marketing translation services.

Legal and Sworn Translation

We understand that an error or omission in a legal and sworn translation can result in litigation, fines or delays in the processing of official documents.

That’s why we handle every legal document translation with care and deliver reliable, high-quality text that our clients can trust.

Technical Translation

Let us take care of your multilingual technical documentation.

Our ISO 17100:2017-certified translation services and dedicated team of technical translators and project managers ensure that all your project requirements are met.

Top 12 Most Common Requests for Translation We Receive

Our Key Features, Your Benefits

Qualified Native Translators

Make sure that your translations achieve great results with our team of translators, who are experts in the subject-matter and committed to delivering quality results.

Dedicated Project Management & Customer Support Team

We understand that clear communication is the key to a successful project. Our proactive team will keep you on track, answer your questions, and handle your concerns. We're always ready to help.

On-Time Turnarounds

We recognize the importance of timely delivery and are committed to meeting deadlines.

Top 12 Most Common Requests for Translation We Receive

Annual, Half-Year, & Quarterly Reports
Financial Analyses
Press Realeses
Articles of Incorporation
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Website Copy
Blogs, Newsletters, & Social Media Copy
User & Maintenance Manuals
Declarations of Conformity – CE Markings
Catalogs & Brochures


We Use Language Technology to Bring You Value

Benefit from high-quality translation solutions and reduce costs by reusing previously translated texts with advanced translation tools. From small to large volumes of documents, we’ve got you covered. 

CAT & MT Technologies

Stay confident knowing that your large-volume translations will be delivered accurately and on time through our technology-powered processes. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to efficiently translate content, regardless of the word count.


Let's help you maximize the value of your previously translated documents by integrating them into your translation memory to then efficiently reused in your future translation projects.


Let's help you resolve issues like line breaks, incorrect hyphenation, page breaks, non-editable texts in images, and more so that they are not incorporated into the translation process, resulting in unwanted extra costs.

Translation Memory

Save money, increase speed, and improve consistency by reusing your translated contents. Leverage the power of translation memories to expedite the translation process and enhance text and terminology consistency.


Let's create a glossary of terms that will be used throughout the translation of your documents. Highly recommended for companies that strictly adhere to standardized terms.


With our Post-Processing DTP solutions, our team will handle your print or digital documents in any language to ensure that your translated texts are visually engaging and effective in terms of layout. Additionally, let us assist you in exporting files in their original format once all the texts have been translated.

Elevate Your Multilingual Content With Our Translation Services

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