Legal & Sworn Translation Services

We understand that an error or omission in a legal and sworn translation can result in litigation, fines or delays in the processing of official documents.

That’s why we handle every legal document translation with care and deliver reliable, high-quality text that our clients can trust.

Our Legal & Sworn Translation Services handle

Our Legal & Sworn Translation Services Handle

Articles of Incorporation
Auditors Reports
Board of Auditors Reports
Chief Executive Officer’s Reports to Stakeholders
Corporate Governance Status Reports
Company Bylaws
Court Transcripts
Employment Agreements 
Government Reports & Official Documents
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Sustainability Impact Reports
User Agreements

Trusted translation services for your business

MTPE Solutions to Accelerate Your Legal Document Translations

We understand the complexity that legal documents can present.

That’s why we’ve designed Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) solutions, which combine human expertise and advanced technology to provide companies like yours with timely, accurate legal translations.

Let us help your business expand globally by efficiently translating your legal documents into multiple languages. 

MTPE Solutions to Accelerate Your Legal Document Translations | DEMA Solutions

Your Trusted Legal & Sworn Translation Services

Qualified legal translators

Rest assured that your legal documents will be translated only by qualified legal translators. Our team includes linguists who possess extensive knowledge of the legal systems and compliance requirements in their target language.

100% confidentiality

DEMA Solutions maintains strict data confidentiality to protect your information from accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft.

Legal compliance

We make sure that your legal and sworn translations comply with the legal standards of the countries and jurisdictions for which they are intended to meet.


How our Legal & Sworn Translation Services can benefit you

Save time

Focus on your business and leave the translation of your legal documents to our qualified language professionals.

Cost savings

Take advantage of our cost-effective solutions while being confident that the quality of your legal document translations is not compromised.

Proactive staff

Count on our Project Managers' proactive approach to ensure that your projects meet all requirements and are delivered within the agreed time frame, while maintaining high-quality standards.

Legal and Sworn Translations
You Can Rely On

Whether you require a legal translation, a sworn translation, or both, we’ve got you covered.

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