Language Solutions for the Life Sciences & Medical Devices industry

We understand the life sciences and medical devices industry is highly-specialized and demands in-depth understanding of the terminology and regulatory requirements.

That’s why we work exclusively with scientific and medical translators
who are experts in this field and are aware of the industry-specific terminology.

Trusted translation services for your business

Compliance with EU-MDR Requirements​

We are committed to producing translations for clients in the Medical Devices industry that fully comply with the rigorous regulatory requirements and standards set by the European Union Medical Device Directive (EU-MDR).

All medical device-related documents like user manuals, labeling, packaging, and more undergo a comprehensive translation process to ensure compliance with the required standards.

By complying with the EU-MDR, we ensure that our translations are accurate, and provide clear instructions for the safe and effective use of medical devices.

We take pride in helping our clients in the Life Sciences and Medical Devices industry expand their reach to international markets.

We handle Life Sciences & Medical Device Translations for documents like:

Data Sheets
Declarations of Conformity
Development Safety Update Reports
Directions for Use 
Installation Manuals 
Instructions for Use (IFUs)
Manufacturing Procedures
Marketing Materials (Catalogs, Specialist Press Articles, Presentations, Websites, Multimedia Products)
Medical Device Recall Notifications
Operation Procedures
Packaging Content
Product Labels
Quick Reference Guides
Regulatory Compliance Documents 
Technical Files and SOPs
Training/Operating/Maintenance Manuals
User Guides

Our Life Sciences & Medical Device Translations handle:


Your trusted Life Sciences & Medical Devices translation provider

ISO 17100:2015/Amd 1:2017-certified

Every translation project executed at DEMA Solutions adheres to certified core processes, validated resources, and other crucial aspects needed to provide top-notch translation services.

Specialized medical translators

Your texts will be translated by experienced translators who have extensive knowledge in a wide range of medical specializations.

EU-MDR compliant

Compliance with EU-MDR requirements and meeting your needs are our top priorities. We ensure accurate translations for your medical device contents.

Our Features, Your Benefits


With a range of solutions designed to provide you with efficient translation processes, we also offer benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness without compromising translation quality.


Our medical translators are supported by advanced translation and quality assurance tools to enhance your content. All your translated texts can be saved and reused, ensuring consistency throughout your documents.

Improved market access

With an increasing number of medical devices being purchased worldwide, our translation solutions can help you explore untapped markets and expand your reach.

Accelerate your Global Growth with Accurate Life Sciences & Medical Devices Translation

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