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Whether your aim is to grow your business in the Iberian region or to extend your company’s reach from Spain to the broader worldwide landscape, Link Multilingüe offers translation solutions driven by cutting-edge technology and extensive know-how.

With over three decades of leadership at Traduccions Link in Girona, Spain, Nuri Salvador González and her dedicated team remain committed to delivering their renowned five-star customer service to both longstanding and new clients of Link Multilingüe.

The familiar faces, plus more of us - Introducing the new Link Multilingüe

Established as Traduccions Link in Girona, Spain, in 1996 and owned by Nuri Salvador González, Link Multilingüe is now a member of DEMA Solutions’ group of companies.

Nuri and her staff bring decades of experience to new heights, offering our clients an extensive array of translation and language solutions, an extended list of language combinations, cutting-edge technologies, and their renowned excellent customer support.

Make sure your translations not only convey your message but also leave a lasting impact, shaping meaningful connections with your target audience. Let’s embark on this journey together now, whether you’re a familiar face or a new partner.


A spectrum of translation services tailored to your unique requirements

Translations for the Tourism & Culture Industries

Experience and understanding of cultural variables are the key to conveying your message to your target audience directly in their own language. We add a touch of creativity to these elements to create informative, usable content for travellers and culture lovers.

Machine Translation
Post-Editing (MTPE)

Unlock global communication with lightning-fast Machine Translation. Designed to provide you with scalable, cost-effective and timely translations, our Machine Translation Post-Editing services will take your business to the next level.

Legal & Sworn Translations

Whether you need certified academic transcripts, diplomas, birth certificates, immigration paperwork, or other official documents for critical requirements, our team can provide Apostille and Sworn Translations tailored to the legal system of the country relevant to your documents.

Publishing (DTP)

From preparing your source files, to laying out texts for multilingual visuals, and to exporting your files back into their native format, our desktop publishing services provide solutions that ensure your needs are met.

Review, Revision, and

Make a lasting impression on your readers with perfectly translated texts and communications in any language. Let us help you make your written words and formatted documents ambassadors of your quality.


No matter what industry your company is in, DEMA Solutions provides specialized translations that meet the needs of all the departments of your company. We can help your Legal/Financial departments as well as your Production and Marketing offices to internationalize your communications.


Speak to the Iberian
market the local way

Connect with your audience by tailoring their needs, starting with customized content translated into Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and more Iberian languages.

Our features, your benefits

Proactive staff

Count on our team's proactive approach to ensure that your projects meet all requirements and are delivered within the agreed timeline, while maintaining high-quality standards.

Skilled linguists & translators

Your texts will be handled by specialized translators with expertise in the subject matter of your project. We carefully assign translators to ensure that documents are translated in alignment with your requirements and their field of specialization.

Cutting-edge technologies

Take advantage with our language solutions powered by advanced translation tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. No matter which type of document you have, we can help you optimize your translation processes.

On-time turnarounds

Time is gold. And it's even more precious when you're delivering content in multiple languages, across multiple time zones and with deadlines to meet.

All Iberian markets at your fingertips with Link Multilingüe's solutions

Let’s help your business accelerate globally with bespoke translations just like we’ve been doing for over 30 years

How can we help?

Tell us what you need and we’ll get back to you with the solutions.

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We are DEMA Solutions, a multinational company with locations in Italy, Serbia, and Spain. We specialize in language and translation solutions for businesses worldwide, providing seamless communication across languages and cultures in today’s interconnected world.

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