Specialized Translations

No matter what industry your company is in, DEMA Solutions provides specialized translations
that meet the needs of all the departments of your company.

We can help your Legal/Financial departments as well as your
Production and Marketing offices to internationalize your communications.


No matter what line of business your company is in, our specialized financial translation services are designed to cater to the needs of your finance department.

Legal & Sworn

Any error or omission in a legal and sworn translation can result in litigations, fines or delays, that's why we handle every translation of official documents with the utmost care.


Engage, attract and market to your international audience in the languages they speak and relate to.


Let us take care of your technical multilingual documentation and ensure all your translation project requirements will be met.

How can we help?

Tell us what you need and we’ll get back to you with the solutions.

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